How do I claim my Premier Pack?

If you have previously paid for a version of SwiftKey on any of our Platforms we have gifted you a thank you of downloading the Premier Pack for free.

To claim your gift, you simply need to go to the Packs section of the SwiftKey Store. Please note that to get into the SwiftKey Store, you will need to be signed into Cloud. You can learn more about this here.

Please follow the steps below to access the SwiftKey Store or see the how-to video:

For more information on how to download your premier pack see the how-to video:

The SwiftKey Store is accessible directly from SwiftKey Keyboard:

  1. Press and hold the Settings key in the bottom lefthand corner
  2. Choose ‘Themes’ on the popup screen
  3. Choose ‘Get new themes’ at the top of the screen

Alternatively, use these steps to access the SwiftKey Store:
  1. Go into Settings
  2. Choose ‘Themes’
  3. Choose ‘Get new themes’ 

If you are unable to download the Premier Pack but feel you should be eligible. Please submit an inquiry using the Contact Support link.
To grant you access to the Premier Pack you will need to include 2 items:
  1. A copy or screenshot of your Google Play receipt showing the date of purchase
  2. Your Cloud ID. You can find your Cloud ID by going into Settings --> SwiftKey Cloud --> and tapping 'Account'

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