What is SwiftKey Cloud?

(Available in SwiftKey 4.2 and later versions.)

SwiftKey Cloud is a suite of new services that gives you the ability to seamlessly backup and sync your personal writing style across multiple devices, creating a cloud-based hub for each user’s personal language profile. So if you get a new phone, or an existing device is lost or stolen, you won’t need to “reteach” SwiftKey all the words and phrases that matter to you. Plus, this means the kind of language you use with one device, such as your tablet, will sync automatically with your cell, enabling you to get the most relevant predictions with whatever device you use.

Using powerful language analysis of major news stories and popular events, SwiftKey Cloud also updates the keyboard’s predictions with daily Trending Phrases. This allows users to discuss the day’s current affairs with ease. SwiftKey Cloud also makes it easier to personalize the keyboard based on online message archives, with an enhanced management console and new support for Yahoo! Mail.

Enabling SwiftKey Cloud brings these three essential features:

Backup & Sync – The words and phrases that matter to you, backed up securely and seamlessly synced across all of your devices. If your mobile or tablet is upgraded, lost or stolen,  your personal profile is kept safe in the cloud, giving you the personalized SwiftKey experience within seconds of installing the keyboard on a new device.

Trending Phrases – SwiftKey’s technology analyzes Twitter and other news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and localized trending topics. Using advanced language technology, SwiftKey captures the day’s most important phrases from the worlds of news, showbiz and sport, enabling you to always have the most up-to-the-minute sentences at your fingertips.

Enhanced Personalization – SwiftKey Cloud beta makes it easier than ever to ensure your next-word predictions and auto-corrections are tailored to you. Full integration with the Gmail and Facebook APIs allows for ‘one-click’ personalization for accounts registered on your device, and Yahoo! Mail has been added alongside Twitter, RSS and SMS personalization options.

For information on how to sign up to SwiftKey Cloud, please see the article, ‘How do I sign up to SwiftKey Cloud?’ here.

See the video here.

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