Default keyboard reset on every restart or reboot (SwiftKey disappears when I turn my phone off)

Hi everyone - this issue relates to the location on your phone where Google Play installs paid apps. We appreciate that it is very annoying.

Advice: if you place the SwiftKey icon on your home screen, resetting it as your input method will literally only take two clicks.

Note: This issue has now been fixed in an update to the Android 4.3 operating system for those using the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Explanation of the issue:

The issue is that Google Play installs paid apps in a particular location on your phone and that in some versions of Android (particularly 4.1 on Samsung devices) this location is not available at the point in the boot process where keyboards are being switched on. So your phone does not know that you have SwiftKey, and it defaults back to the phone's keyboard.

We are unable to control where Google Play installs the app, and also unable to do anything about the way in which your phone boots up, so we are essentially powerless.

You can read more about the issue here - the issue is listed as "released", which means that it has been fixed in the code and the fixed version has been released, but we know that it can take months for a new version of Android to reach customers' phones, and also that different manufacturers make changes to the code on their phones, which is why we are trying to see if Google Play can do something about it in the shorter term.

Free apps will not be affected, and of course with most apps you just tap them to turn them on once your phone is already fully booted, so it is only with paid apps that offer services like keyboards or widgets that this problem is visible.

If you have not yet used SwiftKey Trial you can download it here - it will work for one month, after which you will need to revert back t using the paid version of SwiftKey. (you can only use SwiftKey Trial one time on each phone - if your phone has tried SwiftKey Trial before then the trial will show up as "expired" immediately and will  not work - sorry).

Again, we appreciate that this is not ideal, but we are doing the best that we can to get SwiftKey working for you.

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