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  1. 10 top questions 

    1. How do I upgrade to the latest version of SwiftKey? Is it free?
    2. SwiftKey 4.4 Changelog (release notes)
    3. Will my SwiftKey Tablet be upgraded?
    4. How to install - SwiftKey installer walkthrough
    5. What is SwiftKey Cloud?
  2. SwiftKey Cloud 

    1. What is SwiftKey Cloud?
    2. What is special about SwiftKey Cloud?
    3. How do I sign up to SwiftKey Cloud?
    4. Can I use SwiftKey Keyboard without the new cloud-based services (or with just some of them?)
    5. Will SwiftKey Cloud sync my learned language across all my devices?
  3. Buying/Upgrading SwiftKey 

    1. Can I install SwiftKey on more than one phone?
    2. Google Checkout times out when I try to add my card. Why?
    3. I can’t buy apps from the Android Market/Google Play, where else can I purchase SwiftKey?
    4. I have a new device, how do I transfer SwiftKey without repurchasing?
    5. I want to use SwiftKey on both my tablet and phone, do I have to purchase twice?
  4. Downloading/Installing SwiftKey 

    1. Can I move SwiftKey onto my SD card?
    2. Downloading/updating a language model won't work; connection error, download failed or corrupt.
    3. I am seeing 'The application swiftkey (process com.touchtype.swiftkey) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force close or Report' error and cannot reinstall!
    4. I want to uninstall SwiftKey, how do I do this?
    5. I've purchased SwiftKey, but the trial expiry notice keeps popping up.
  5. Features 

    1. How do I correct mistyped/incorrect words?
    2. What gestures can I use with SwiftKey?
    3. Is there a quick way to delete the last word?
    4. How does SwiftKey Flow work?
    5. How do I type double characters using SwiftKey Flow?
  6. Known Issues and Bugs 

    1. "How to report bugs"
    2. My keyboard reverts to default after each SwiftKey update (KitKat devices).
    3. Default keyboard reset on every restart or reboot (SwiftKey disappears when I turn my phone off)
    4. My fonts are too large or too small.
    5. Is SwiftKey causing my battery to drain quicker than before?
  7. General Information 

    1. Why doesn’t SwiftKey Beta come through Google Play?
    2. How can I turn off SwiftKey Flow/go back to my previous SwiftKey?
    3. My SwiftKey predictions have disappeared - help!
    4. Does SwiftKey provide typo and spelling correction?
    5. Does SwiftKey work on iPhones/Blackberrys?
  8. Languages 

    1. What languages does SwiftKey currently support?
    2. Can I use SwiftKey with more than one language?
    3. How do I delete/uninstall a language pack?
    4. How do I update my languages?
    5. How do I type in two languages (different alphabet)?
  9. Personalization 

    1. SwiftKey isn't learning/syncing my language.
    2. How do I clear my learnt language data?
    3. I have multiple devices using SwiftKey. How can I transfer or share my Language Model from one device to the other?
    4. My Gmail personalization keeps failing! How can I fix this?
    5. Will upgrading SwiftKey lose my personal/learned language data?
  10. Privacy 

    1. A warning says SwiftKey may collect personal data like credit card numbers and passwords. Does it?
    2. Do you store my passwords on your servers?
    3. How do you know you've saved billions of keystrokes?
    4. SwiftKey is predicting my password - how do I stop it doing this?
    5. What data is collected/sent out to use SwiftKey?
  11. Themes, Layouts and Customization 

    1. How do I change the sounds or vibrations that my keyboard makes?
    2. How do I make SwiftKey change to landscape when I rotate my phone?
    3. How do I switch between different keyboards?
    4. I have a suggestion or an idea for you
    5. How do I change my physical keyboard settings?
  12. All articles 

    1. "How to report bugs"
    2. A warning says SwiftKey may collect personal data like credit card numbers and passwords. Does it?
    3. After 4.4 update I'm seeing an error message 'Unfortunately, false has stopped'.
    4. Can I enable Trending Phrases for my language?
    5. Can I install SwiftKey on more than one phone?

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